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We know that you are an individual, with a unique set of financial goals and ambitions. We have focused on activities and dealings wherein the knowledge of our employees and fellow experts has been repeatedly tested, verified and enlarged by working on various projects. We provide first-class business services and products that can be broadly categorized into fallowing major operating areas:

M&A and Strategic Investing Investment Advisory and Securities Trading Financial and Legal Advisory Accounting Services and Tax Advisory
Supplementary Business Services
Design and Execution of Takeover Strategies Securities Trading and Portfolio Management Restructuring and Reorganization of Companies Statutory Bookkeeping and Reporting Compliant with the International Standards and Domestic Regulation Incorporation of a Company (Including Off-Shore)
Performing Due Diligence, Capital Valuation, Feasibility Studies and Business Plans Research and Analysis of Securities, Companies and Markets Increase/Decrease of Share Capital, Debt Recovery and Debt-To-Equity Swap, Dividend Policy, Organization of Board and Shareholders’ Meetings Accounting, Outsourcing Services (e.g. Payroll) and Fiscal Representation Domiciliary Services
Matchmaking New Issuers/Issuances Registration and Admission Reviewing and Preparation of Corporate Legal Documents Tax Advisory Planning, Implementation and Certification of International Standards
Privatization Advisory and Programs Issuance Agent’s and Underwriter’s Business Operations Human Resource Services Transfer Pricing
Seminars and Training

  M&A and Strategic Investing

• designing and implementation of takeover strategies (strategies for "friendly" or "hostile" takeover);

• designing and implementation of defense strategies for joint stock companies targets of hostile takeover;

• advisory and active participation in negotiation accompanying takeover execution;

• strategies for acquiring 100% of the company shares;

• advisory in the case of establishment of Consortium designed for share purchasing;

• advisory and preparing of socially-owned companies intended for privatization – social and investment programs, negotiations with strategic partners, etc.;

• carrying out due diligence and feasibility studies, informational memorandum preparing;

• capital valuation / appraisals, business plans;

• preparing various documentation for potential strategic partners and other investors;

Matchmaking services - promoting B2B relationships and enabling companies and/or individuals to sell their business, look for joint ventures, buy running business, form equity partnership, look for agents or distributors, etc.

Investment Advisory and Securities Trading

securities trading and portfolio management;

• purchase of shares owned by the state or minority shareholders;

• preparation of companies for the registration to the Central Securities Depository and Clearing House’s database and admission of the securities to the Belgrade Stock Exchange;

Issuance Agent and Issuance Underwriter operations;

• development of the projects aimed at liquidity increase by securities issuance;

• cost-benefit analysis of various investment alternatives;

• benchmark analysis of price movements and liquidity trends related to quoted/listed securities with reference to type of the security, issuers and other criteria;

• analysis of macroeconomic trends as well as regional and global developments significant for investment decision - making;

• analysis of domestic and foreign issuers with reference to business performance indicators for the period of several consecutive years, its position among competitors and outlook of the industry, as well as any other indicator upon client’s request;

• opening and management of the securities account on behalf of an issuer’s shareholders;

• notification of the Central Register, Stock Exchange and issuer’s shareholders on important events

• specialized to work with high net worth clients – investors that takeover entire company, investment funds, strategic partners and other clients performing large transaction on the Stock Exchange.

Financial and Legal Advisory

reorganization of companies (transformation of legal form and status change – mergers, divisions and separations);

• restructuring and consolidation of companies;

bankruptcy and liquidation of business companies;

capital increase procedure – by standard method and through increase in the share capital by tenders, non-monetary contributions to a company’s basic capital (property, rights, work or services and shares of another company), distribution of profits, etc.;

• developing and execution of strategies for debt-to-equity swap and debt recovery

capital reduction procedure - implementing the standard procedure, simplified procedure and reduction procedure aimed at conversion into reserve funds;

• producing overall documentation necessary for company’s acquisition, cancellation or reissue of its own shares / membership units acquired from its shareholders/members ;

• organizing transfer of membership units in a limited liability company and trading in shares in closed joint stock company, creating overall documentation necessary for implementation of generated changes in the company and relevant institutions;

• preparing and inspection of documentation for verification of the payment of shares from the second round of the ownership transformation;

• preparing necessary documentation for the Commission for the Protection of Competition aimed at acquiring an approval for company takeover;

drafting of general acts, bylaws and rulebooks compliant with local corporate law statutory requirements, memorandums design, configuration of internal register, etc;

• human resource services - preparation and review of employment guidelines, in-house instructions, organization charts, preparation and filing of employment contracts, maintenance of labour records and provision of employee training assistance.

Accounting Services and Tax Advisory

maintaining clients’ books and records in accordance with relevant international and local rules and directives and preparing and filing all required reports and specifications;

compilation of annual statutory, consolidated and special purpose financial statements (liquidation, rehabilitation, merger, etc.);

• interim and annual reporting (to founders, shareholders, etc.);

• assessment of accounting processes and internal audit procedures; reorganizing accounting systems, assisting with the implementation of accounting software packages and establishing accounting control procedures;

• review of projected financial data;

compiling fiscal fillings and balance sheets for legal entities and individuals;

fiscal representation;

• advisory regarding double taxation avoidance compliant with local and international regulation and Double Taxation Treaties;

payroll services – we provide people, processes and systems needed to calculate, record, and report all payroll components in strict confidentiality and in cost-effective manner as well as full payroll processing (collection and review of the data; preparation of gross/net salary schemes, calculation of foreign-currency-based salaries, preparation of payment instructions for net salaries, social security contributions and wage taxes, preparation and filing of social security statements and similar declarations with the local authorities);

transfer pricing – identifying transactions with related parties; assessing the tax risks arising from related party transactions; reviewing existing documentation to confirm completeness, identifying issues that need additional information; selection of appropriate methodology for assessment of whether transfer prices are at arm’s length and benchmarking the prices against external and internal comparables; preparation of transfer pricing documentation in compliance with local regulation; assistance in communication with tax authorities;

support during tax audits performed by tax authorities.

Supplementary Business Services

• providing simple and cost-effective solutions and carrying out the entire certification pathway, from an assessment through implementation and certification phase for a variety of international standards (e.g. ISO, HACCP, OHSAS, ISO/IEC); as well as aftercare services and training;

incorporation of a company in Serbia, registration and local representation services by highly experienced managers and proxy-holders in a way that you can be sure that all requirements are met and rules and regulations are complied with;

• conducting specific changes in the capital and ownership structure registered within the Serbian Business Registers Agency;

domiciliary services – our business premises are available as a registered address for the clients and/or temporary operational headquarters accompanied with highly qualified and experienced staff that will diligently process all communications delivered to the registered address;

day-to-day management including know-how and management services, secondments made on a short or long term basis;

• opening and operating of bank accounts, gathering documentation needed to transfer money out of the country;

• upon request providing high-quality office space with standard features and fittings; additional corporate secretarial services;

incorporation of a company in a foreign country (off-shore and other types of companies);

• bank recommendation and definition of basic postulates in negotiations for the scope of granting of advantageous loans intended for various business activities;

• organization of specialized seminars, trainings and consultative meetings;

• diverse business services in accordance with the specific request and needs of a client.

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