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Official name: Republic of Serbia

Form of State: Democratic Republic

Political Structure: President Unicameral assembly with 250 seats

Area: 88,499 km²

Population: 7.2 million

Geographic Position: South East Europe, central part of the Balkan Peninsula, at the intersection of Pan European Corridors No. 10 (road and railway corridor connecting North and Southeastern Europe) and No. 7 (inland waterway of the Danube River reaching the Black Sea area)

Borders:E–Bulgaria, NE–Romania, N–Hungary, W–Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina, SW–Montenegro, S–Albania and FYR Macedonia


Time Zone: Central European Time (GMT + 01:00)

Official Language: Serbian

Religion: Christian Orthodox (main), Roman Catholic, Islamic, Jewish, Protestant

Major Cities (No. of Inhabitants): Belgrade (1,659,440), Novi Sad (341,625), Nis (260,237), Kragujevac (179,417)

Internet Domain: .rs

Dial Code: +381

Currency: Serbian Dinar (RSD)

Institutions/Integration Status:

Full Member

IMF (2001), World Bank (2001), EBRD (2001), EIB (2001), Council of Europe (2003), Partnership for Peace (2006);

Membership Negotiations

WTO – Final Stage; EU – Candidacy; OECD – Observer

Market-Based Indicators:

Credit Rating: S&P Global Ratings – BB- stable; Fitch Ratings – BB- stable

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