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Trade on the BSE

Enhancing and protecting our clients' capital to achieve financial security is what we do best. We dedicate our time and expertise to the construction and maintenance of individual investment portfolios to meet the needs of individual investors seeking a personal, trusted service.

Our philosophy is to preserve and enhance client wealth and to manage risk and achieve growth by investing in securities of superior value and quality.

We are conservative, risk-averse investment managers. We manage risk by ensuring that client portfolios are diversified across asset classes, geographies, industries and companies. The asset mix - cash, fixed income and equities - that we select is determined by the current investment environment and circumstances and risk tolerances of each client.

The related services are:

  1. securities trading and portfolio management;
  2. purchase of shares owned by the state or minority shareholders;
  3. preparation of companies for the registration to the Central Securities Depository and Clearing House’s database and admission of the securities to the Belgrade Stock Exchange;
  4. Issuance Agent operations;
  5. Issuance Underwriter operations;
  6. development of the projects aimed at liquidity increase by securities issuance;
  7. cost-benefit analysis of various investment alternatives;
  8. benchmark analysis of price movements and liquidity trends related to quoted/listed securities with reference to type of the security, issuers and other criteria;
  9. analysis of macroeconomic trends as well as regional and global developments significant for investment decision-making;
  10. analysis of domestic and foreign issuers with reference to business performance indicators for the period of several consecutive years, its position among competitors and outlook of the industry, as well as any other indicator upon client’s request;
  11. opening and management of the securities account on behalf of an issuer’s shareholders;
  12. notification of the Central Register, Stock Exchange and issuer’s shareholders on important events
  13. Specialized to work with high net worth clients – investors that takeover entire company, investment funds, strategic partners and other clients performing large transaction on the Stock Exchange.
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